The hot streak continues for Regulus Red. The singer-songwriter has popped out a new track “Body Rock,” which is lifted off the upcoming “Red Prince of the Night” debut EP. I’ve spoken heaps already about the aesthetic, vision and artistic sides of Regulus Red. I would only be covering old ground if I spoke, about these again (find out more – go to my reviews for “All For Himself“, “High Price“). Building to the EP release, he’s decided to have a bit of fun, with hedonistic disco grooves, at the same time being, playful and flirty.

“‘Body Rock‘ is my favourite song from the EP. It makes you dance with its groovy synths and makes you fall in love with life’s energy, the energy we all have inside.” Regulus Red explains.

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We’ve quickly learned, Regulus Red is a pop proposition who likes nothing better than to keep us guessing just which way the music will turn next. A pop chameleon if you will. “Body Rock” should be greeting the clubland goers as they hit the dance floor. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the tracks best bet at gaining traction is being added to influential playlists instead. Admire Regulus resolve to stick to his plan whatever. The “Red Prince of the Night” EP is due Halloween. I feel, behind the scenes visual, surprises are being planned as we get into the electro-dance vibe of the track. If there is a way to shoot a cool, arty video, Regulus will jump to it. My spidey senses detect he’s not only creative but resourceful like that.

Either way whatever Halloween brings is sure to be stylish and more than probably refreshingly out on a limb in the realm of Regulus Red.

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