Do you know of someone, like a friend or a relative perhaps, who are prone to oversharing? I have come across people like this in my life at times. One of my friends did this recently. Following on from this experience. I was left feeling uncomfortable and awkward around them for quite a time afterwards. Like most things in life, there are two sides to this story. There are times when it is imperative that we do overshare a little bit. As an example. When an authentic or a painful experience is visible, it can contribute to the healing process. Like with her empowering new song “Body,” for instance. The rising Vancouver pop artist and producer Serena Sun falls under the latter of these two scenarios.

“This song is about sexual assault. I was sexually assaulted by a friend in university and was really shaken by it,” she shares. “I have wanted to write about this but haven’t been able to find the words until now”. 

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In the song, the subject matter is raw and deeply personal. While Sun, without a doubt, exhibits a high level of vulnerability when approaching such a sensitive topic like this that requires both bravery and strength from her. Despite her scars. Serena seems to have healed some of them. Making her comfortable enough to open up about the traumatic experience she endured.

Explaining the purpose behind the release of the track, Serena comments…

I hope that anybody who has gone through a traumatic experience will listen to this song and feel empowered, and enjoy singing (or screaming) the lyrics “F*ck you for trying to claim my body.” 

It is a miracle that this track is as melodically upbeat as it has turned out, to be honest. This track is awash with synthesizers and enlivened with the electronic touches of the Texas-born singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Tiger Darrow.

The track is one that caught my ear straight away. I am glad and I am grateful that I am fortunate to be in a position that I am able to write about it and share the track with others.

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