With the amount of staying at home-time, everyone has likeliest had during these past six months. Many of us for sure have found ourselves reminiscing about pivotal moments in our lives. That the prospect of becoming too clouded by looking back is real. I guess like most things, reflection is best dealt in moderation. We have to maintain a balance and also a perspective as well of, looking forward. After all, our lives have played out in a blink of an eye, when considering planet earth is four and a half billion years old. Swiss Singer-songwriter Damian Lynn currently has a cute indie styled track out about looking back at memories, events and happenings which shaped his life. The track “Blink Of An Eye” is brimming with heartfelt lyrics, a sweet melody and plenty of thoughtfulness.

As I’ve never heard about Damian Lynn before, his nostalgic song acts as a lovely way to get to know him better. Plus it is more interesting than reading through a bio, also. I am not intending to put you off from listening to the track, (because it blossoms into an earworm at the chorus) but with his style of songwriting strong in force for “Blink Of An Eye.” It does kinda lump Damian into the category, of Switerzland’s, answer to Ed Sheeran.

That being said, the lyrics are such that there will be something in there to which everyone can relate. What the song has to say, touched me. I really liked and connected with these lyrics.

“Sometimes I want to go back in time, cause somehow I’m missing those days and nights, but I do not really want to start anew.
Fuck rearview mirrors, cause I love the view.”

A point well made by Damian Lynn. His style of singer-songwriting is certainly on-trend with both Ed Sheeran and George Ezra. Although I’m not a big fan of either of these artists. I feel like Damian Lynn has something special, which I couldn’t ignore.

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