Take a listen to this new blistering hot house track “Blinders” from Canadian producers / DJ collaborators Dezza and Neon Dreams, and tell us this isn’t worthy of doing some disco damage with it’s insanely intense progressive house presence, intact with techno rave-horn screaming sirens!

The cut of “Blinders” goes forth in confirmation, cementing upon DJ Dezza for one, as being considered to be amongst the top emerging producers in the industry. Whilst the relatively newly formed 4 man strong production team of Neon Dreams are proving that they are a cut above the rest within the EDM genre by their approach of including excerpts of live instrumentals upon their studio housed recordings.

Front of house on this massive club banger belongs to the equally emerging young vocal talent Laura Roy, who has been seen to be quickly turning heads with the strength, tonality and dynamics of her powerhouse vocals. Taking one look at Laura its hard to believe that a voice with so much clout lies within her unassuming tiny frame, but oh boy, wow, has Laura got some pipes on her which could seriously take her places, also!

Blinders” concerns having the courage to step up and take matters into your own hands, – being blessed with strong power anthem tendancies, it is every way likely to assume that this track is sure to enjoy a long hot summer of club rotation action.

We might indeed wish to be taking off our blinders but replacing them with aviator sunnies as this track is set to burn baby, burn it up.