By Mandy Rogers

Oh Canada! Oh Canada indeed, it just doesn’t stop firing
great guns of pop goodness at us. Really, there seems to be an up-spike of
Canadian music that forms the weekly intake in my inbox.  One band I’m more than extra smiley to see
pop up in there is SAM.

SAM the avatar band has been igniting my radar with their
tune-feasts for quite sometime. The duo comprised of producer brains Sadoway
and vocalist Mandrake are all kinds of heaven to my ears.  The duo are immense tunesmiths combined,
delivering fierce some synth magic that melts by brain with delight.

Also melting my brain with delight is news that SAM have
teamed up with Swedish Recording label Dansant Records to release new material,
beginning with “Bitch Stole My Song”. 
The title alone raised rather a chuckle with me, although the seriousness
of its matter played out through the lyrics is somewhat a peril of the music
industry life, to some.  Hey, I like the
way that SAM present this subject matter and ultimately it’s electro-pop

They maybe shrouded in an Avatar but SAM sure knows how to
deliver stellar electro pop compositions.

Available though Beatport