From the rather enduring, eclectic, funk clash debut track “Luvletta” that set the radio waves a-buzzing, the mysterious synth maestro Meanwhile behind the curious experimental fusion mixing has since scored more acclaim already, in commandeering the attention of La Roux’s public face and voice Elly Jackson who has chosen Meanwhile as the main support during the band’s forthcoming autumn tour.

With only the one previous tune under his belt and just a couple of live show performances undertaken so far at the Leeds Festival and Brighton’s Great Escape, we can be sure that things are set to hot up a pace for the emerging mix-it-up pop singer and producer.

All starting right of now with a second taste of his synth pop alchemy which rings out with a funkgasmic pop suited slammering throwback of 80’s electronic invention through the analogue vibrant newie “Bigger City”.

Ticking all the right boxes of the era, “Bigger City” surges and beckons one back in neon time to when purple was the sound reigning down upon our ears at the drop of a Raspberry Beret from Prince coupled with the cinematic depth to it that appears siphoned off of anyone of the Brat Pack movie soundtracks.

For those of us that lived through it, the residual of electronic energy from it has more than likely stayed with us to this very day. Through Meanwhile’s retro inventiveness we get to live in this again.

Children of the 80’s go crazy for it! While the new kids listen, learn and go back to the dawn of the synth future with it, encapsulating the same buzzy pull of excitement lived and breathed from it back in the day.

Did it ever go away? Not really! But when it starts up a new resurgence, boom, boom. boom goes our 80’s pop heart, this time around with Meanwhile pumping his good synth stuffs into our veins.