Sheila McQueen

By Mandy Rogers

I declare that I might be in the early stages of latest obsession mode here.

You might remember that I recently brought the off-kilter pop stylings of Sheila McQueen to your attention – an oh, so short time ago now through alerting you to their sprightly, bright and quirky debut single “Paris”.

The sisterly duo of Genevieve and Jessica are back this time giving us insight into the B-side of the debut single package with “Beyond Repair”.

It couldn’t be further removed from it’s A-side counter-part actually. By indication of the title and lyrics “Beyond Repair” is mood lit by an outpouring of heartbreakingly sorrowful ambience.  It swings from the territories of Florence And The Machine folkiness albeit bathed in a sombre light to illuminating with a lamenting bridge section at 2:30 mins of English rose comparison.

Infact, this section has the feeling as if Ellie Goulding shrouded herself in a dark cape of ethereally celestial chemistry and this is what she did when the “Lights” went out. Of course they haven’t actually done so whatever, The album “Lights” continues to conquer as does the same titled single circulating up the Billboard chart, whilst we await it’s follow up “Halcyon” within the next couple of months.

Enjoy “Beyond Repair” gratis.  FREE DOWNLOAD below.