I have just happened to have become introduced to Oscar Scheller’s debut EP title track “Beautiful Words” and I am all at once perked up by its balance of creativity and indie sub-pop awareness.

The London emerging artist has a vocal which noticeably plays on the ear with a sad pop emblazoned hue of Morrissey spliced through with more than a glinting edge of britpop allure.

Whilst, this track carries some steely hooks within which hit with a lick of silvery potency, it is when timed with the pronounced entrance of stabbing synths it has in some way switched me on in thinking of the early works of Esser and latterly to that of Bastille. As there is a hint of some similarly creative steam from the gleaming essence of these acts which appears to have manifested into the soundboard of Oscar Scheller’s resulting witchedy pop brew.

The melody buoyant chorus is primely the source which establishes “Beautiful Words” solid indie pop stance, but there’s also more than enough draw to snare listeners at large into its beautiful web of stylistically britpop aesthetic melody making. And, in return of his sterling efforts here, dutifully earns Oscar a worthy heads up I feel in recognition on the new music map.