Listen to “Beautiful Life” by The Sound Of Arrows

The Sound Of Arrows took a step back from the spotlight after the release of their stunning debut album “Voyage” turned them via the blogosphere into overnight synthy sensations.

Although, safe for the odd sneaky collaboration seeping out and a special live show of “Voyage” in its entirety, performed at London Fields Brewery back in 2014, all has been suitably quiet.

We were left with the impression that Stefan and Oscar were working on new material, but other than that not a scrap more had been leaked. This was until the beginning of the year when a new photo image peeped up on their social media profiles, filling us with the sense that a reveal of some kind was not far off from happening.

Not a minute too soon, the day has dawned. The Sound Of Arrows have dropped their first new track after a five year hiatus. Not wanting but to give anything but their absolute best or to go over any of the ground they’ve covered before on “Voyage”, the gents have returned with a huge, grandiose pop track in “Beautiful Life”.

The accent seems to be firmly set on the pop directive this time around. To which Oscar and Stefan have struck out with a powerfully, sweeping first choice of single. If this track was a film, it would be coming at us in a 3D format, all of because there is an immense awareness of vastness about it.

For all those naysayers, who put a blight on pop as being somewhat trivial and throwaway (fair do’s some of it is!) but NOT when it falls to The Sound Of Arrows and the magnificent comeback single “Beautiful Life”. As, happen, the full pop splendour it gives will have you circling back on your thoughts and open to change your mind.