Until recently, it was a long time since I covered a remix on the blog. More than a year had elapsed before I wrote up a piece the other week for the Drummar (Wonderland Redux Remix) of the Wham!, summer anthem “Club Tropicana“. Rather like waiting for a bus. Another remix treatment has since piqued my interest. It is the Lostchild reworking of the latest offering of the Australian artist Possible Prince X, the track “Beautiful Femme Boy“.

Joe Copplestone ( AKA Lostchild) was entrusted with the track, with Possible Prince X, curious to see how it might be interpreted through another’s eyes. In its original edit “Beautiful Femme Boy” traverses the throwback sounds of 90s rock and new wave. When Lostchild leaps into remix action, he replaces those nostalgic sounds with a pulsing beat-laden infusion of neon-lit, dance-pop sorcery.

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Beautiful Femme Boy” is based on the true story of meeting someone who took me completely by surprise, in a nice way”. Possible Prince X explains. “I turned that small moment into a cute love story using elements of my day to complete the fantasy. (Including an ill-timed trip to the beach, where I really was stung by a bee).”

What I like about the song the most is the positive, uplifting tone of the lyrics. Since there, is a tendency for relationship songs to focus on the struggle, heartbreak, and downside of being in a relationship. (Yes, we have just gone through a pandemic which has put extra strain on many close relationships, and many songs are now reflecting this). However, it is rather heartwarming to note, is it not, the upside of being in love. Despite how little we hear about it. Pop songs are still mentioning the falling in love phase and give us all hope.

With a three-minute pop song, Possible Prince X restores our faith, that love will always win the day.

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