Girls aloud 10

By Mandy Rogers

Another week, another Girls Aloud unveiling.

From the Girls Aloud re-awaking with “Something New” falls
an emotionally purred ballad to follow in “Beautiful Because You Love Me”.

To fall into ballad mode so soon after their re-assurgence
on the scene with their greatest hits compilation "Ten" in tow,  can only mean one thing, a festive push for this. Following in
much the same path of recent times as the Spice Girls – “2 Become 1” and  S Club 7’s 
Never Had A Dream Come True”, Girls Aloud pull out a Christmas
crackling of endearing warmth, roaring ambience and high on the emotion stakes.

Of course, the harmonies on this are tightly gift bowed to
perfection, but the draw here is the echoy back-up vocals, this layering just
makes it a tad more interesting for my ear.

Will they go down the route of snowflakes and festive
scenes on the video? we’ll just have to wait on that and suffice with this
starry twinkles of the lyric video below.