Now this is what you call a truly all embraced Scandinavian collaboration!

What is more it’s superly sizzling of electronic pop worth too!

Production outfit of Tungevaad and Raaban are from Norway and Sweden respectively, whilst guesting vocalist Isac Elliot (as we have met previously) hails from Finland.

Each of these artists in their establishment have made impressive headway for themselves. They are regarded as some of the biggest rising stars out of Scandinavia right now. So in saying, the teaming up in collaboration like this, is sure to bring about with it a flurry of highly piqued attention.

To be honest, on this occasion it is warranted three-fold, because in the arrival of unabashed dance-pop effort “Beast” they have honed for themselves a melodically hook-laden, beat stomper which is high on euphoria and vibrancy. Although, the inclusion of Isac Elliot as vocal lead, lifts the whole thing off on a larger pop-centric footing.

Isac is barely out of his school shirt and tie but that isn’t stopping him of sounding so worldly wise in the delivery of heeding a warning about the particular femme fatale he’s singing of here. Special round of applause goes to these lyrics; “she’ll eat your heart raw, no barbecue”, can we just envisage these words promptly making it as an entry in the urban dictionary? We’d be surprised if they were not already to be found there!

Anyways, we can’t scoff too hard, Isac is going for a more mature approach these days. He does come out on top with it and the track as a whole is weighted in floods of neon and noise ripened by the masterful strokes of Tungevaad and Raaban hitting, the keys and pushing the buttons, serving a hearty dancefloor romp ready to see out the last days of summer.