It's a shame about the demise of Mini Viva isn't it?  Thank goodness though that one half of Mini Viva decided to keep going and is making music that is rather thoughtful and packs a wallop.

Say hello to Britt Love.  There's something quite Siobhan Donaghy about her new solo music.  It instantly grabbed me.  Take a listen to a rather special acoustic version of new track "Be Who You Are" that she's done with Youth Kills and you'll feel it burn into your psyche – leaving you wanting more.  

Melancholy much?  Well yes.  But what Britt Love is doing here is rather delicious.  I could listen to music like this all night.  As a solo artist, Britt Love is noticeable and that voice – breathtaking.

And if you think that's good – wait until you hear THIS.