Electronic acts on my local music scene, in East Anglia, have a tendency, to be too few and far between. When I first heard about Amethysts, a duo who are based closer to home to me, naturally I became curious about them while clinging to the hope, they would be good. I needn’t have been apprehensive, debut tracks “My Love” and “Stones” were yearning, of loveliness and the duo’s presence locally continues to thrive. Band members Clarice and Simon returned to the studio last summer to craft some more soothing tracks. They come stepping back into 2018 with new single “Be There” another, sparkling example of Amethysts, mesmeric alt-pop mastery.

Like the duo’s previous singles, “Be There” is a beautifully arranged song that will touch your soul with its calming vibes. On the song, Clarice’s vocals are hauntingly beautiful and create a hypnotic pulse throughout. While stylistically, the track joins the dots between sunset chill-out sounds, downtempo Indietronica, and meditative grooves. Discussing the single, the duo stated: “‘Be There’ explores and conveys the passion and ambition in us both, lyrically and musically. After an evening of jamming, its 6/8 time signature, a catchy vocal line just fell into place within a few hours. It’s the first song we’ve written in 6/8. Clarice took to writing the lyrics from an optimistic yet, emotional place hoping it would help to self-heal during a personal family affair”.

I really, do think things are beginning to align for Amethysts. They’ve had some lovely new press shots taken and, the band image has had been preened ready for what I am hoping is going to be a big year ahead.

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