It seems whatever, which way I turn the name DAGNY is starring me in the face. In recent days the virtually unknown Norwegian pop artiste has gone from obscurity to a premiere on Beats 1 radio, recommendations on Spotify and a glowing initial response from the blogosphere at large.

The song which is catching everyones favour is called “Backbeat” and I have to admit it is rather made-up of an infectiously radiant inclination. However, it comes as no surprise that this delightfully pop ditty comes at us by the power of good. As when does anything particularly Scandinavian in pop nature not turn out to be anything but on a favourable trajectory?

This debut from DAGNY whilst, vibrant and lively has the added mass of Scandipop coolness as its driving force of very captivating allure. It isn’t long before the quirkily placed beats take over though, and we are further confronted by a firey pop chorus which not only peels out a beatastic rhythm it also serves to flag up DAGNY as an all round notably good pop concern to keep within our sights.

In summation, I am of the overwhelming feeling that only something of a better good can possibly come forth from a debut which is as impressively impacting as this is.