After years it’s finally happening. Our long time Russian electronic pop crush Tesla Boy are at last striving forward to breakout on the international circuit. From their native base in Moscow, their sights have been inching towards spending a considerable amount of time in the United States, which they have seen through over the last year or more.

Anton and his band began to raise their profile as they went in for the creative kill with their synth bold offering “Nothing” but most memorably for the accompanying hard hitting and somewhat disturbing music video. Since then its seemed as though Tesla Boy have turned over a freakish new leaf where all appears shades deeper and entangled with troubled emotions, paired with increasingly discomforting visual elements that teeter on the edge of provocative and plain weirdness.

I’ve noticed the influence of Tesla Boy’s American experience has made its way into their music too, it’s become more sonic if anything. It’s as if Tesla Boy have been rebirthed in experimentation. The band put out “Moses” a highly experimental EP most recently, which was pristine and crisp in clarity but perhaps appealed more to the discerning listener.

However, rather than continue on this note, the new single “Avoid” duly marks an upbeat return to pop that feels drenched with California sunshine. Although our press release informs us that the band were struck for inspiration for the track whilst wandering around the neighbourhood of Manhattan. Anyways the disposition of “Avoid” feels way sunnier than Tesla Boy have been of late. When the winter weather is frosty and biting outside, some winter-sun respite dealt of a sweeping synth-pop surprise is a good thing for raising the spirits.