A new track has appeared from my second favourite pop artist named mags. (If you are wondering…my first being the awesome Magne (Mags) Furuholmen, synths/keyboard player, songwriter and founder member of A-ha). The mags from Copenhagen, Denmark, who I am writing about today. Grabbed my attention with a track called “I can’t get over you” that she released a few months ago (review HERE). With the music, she is leaning towards more of an indie-pop than a synth-pop vibe. Yet, her songwriting style reminded me a lot of DAGNY. Her second release of the year is “as long as we’re both breathing“. A pristine offering that sounds really big all over, but especially but not surprisingly in the chorus.

Written as a modern take on the famous words “till death do us part”. Explaining the track mags says…

“It’s about the declaration of love, to stay together for better or worse. “As long as we’re both breathing” is a song that emphasizes the importance of communication and understanding. As the keys to balancing between love and hate in any close relation. Two very different feelings that are often very close to each other on the emotional spectrum”.

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There are some very cool changes in dynamic on this track. The softer moments are poignant and affecting. And where I noticed I was breathing slower because of being absorbed by mags every word and her delicate voice. So delicate and otherworldly until swapping it up for a blast of gusto in the chorus. I can imagine Sigrid fans would really resonate with what mags has done on “as long as we’re both breathing“. Since the track appears to be very influenced by the styles previously covered by the current number one Norwegian pop artist.

Alongside Sigrid, Dagny, Anna of the North, mags is helping to show the way forward to make pop great again.

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