Fact! We know, Scandipop music artists are never in short supply. So as Sigrid announces she’s, hitting the studio to record new music, it is pretty, evident we won’t be hearing from her in a while. Who else is about, picking up the baton by making, similarly, mesmerising, electronic-pop tracks, you may ask? My suggestion is to point you in the direction of the emerging Norwegian, singer-songwriter Amanda Tenfjord. She conveniently has a new track out “As If.” I feel Sigrid fans are sure to love the song because of, the tonality in her voice being, comparably on point with the former BBC Sound of 2018, winner.

Tenfjord hasn’t yet achieved such heights as her sister-in-pop. Although, inch by inch she is closing in, by the power of an ever-expanding catalogue of accessibly catchy, dewy, pop offerings. Amanda’s releases, while always pristine, have lacked just a smidgeon of distinctiveness, that would really, help in enabling her music to stand out that little bit more. In my opinion, the ace she has been holding up her sleeve is with the new cut “As If.” After a couple of years of slowly crawling up through the ranks, it appears more than ever Tenfjord is determined to claim 2020, as her, break out year.

The Norwegian songstress serves her best musicality, twinned with a stellar vocal performance on the song. The rousingly, anthemic chorus, without doubt, helps to make it one of her most atmospheric and charming tracks. When I poured over Friday’s releases, it was this song, more than any other track, which shone out like a little firecracker left-over from New Year’s eve. Yes, the lyrics detail what it feels like being awkwardly entangled with your ex, post-breakup. The only way for Amanda to rid herself of her troublesome ex is to sing them out of her life. The affirmative chorus, absolutely, makes light work of this.

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