Glasgow’s Prides never fail to bring out a melody to its fullest. FACT!

From all pointers sparring off of the duo’s recent bombastic offering “Rome”, the whole sound set-up looks positioned to continue along in a vein gathered up of euphoria release and towering strokes of impacting, indie bred synthesized pop.

Callum and Stewart of the band, pour everything established out of their relatably honest lyrics and mammothly riffed melodies into their incendiary lit tunes. You know these guys are pretty serious about maintaining, bashing out this kind of dynamic power-pop, because as we head into territory of the sophomore album there is no letup in the punchy, boundlessly fueled anthems rolling out of Prides minds and fingertips.

Prior to the arrival of the aforementioned sophomore album which is slated to arrive next year, Prides will first road-test some of this new material on a mini tour this October.

Second to this announcement, the duo has seen fit to put a new song out there, by way of the blistering, festival primed cut “Are You Ready”, surely wading into the same spotlight as the phenomenal “Messiah” entered into previously.

There is no mistaking the sincerity in Stewart’s vocals, the emotive delivery carries this over in no uncertain terms. Team this up with Callum and Stew’s masterful nailing down of their familiar, boptastic brand of highly addicting pop and voilà our anticipation is locked-in at full-steam ahead for another extended run of Prides heating up our playlists over the coming months.

Are We Ready?”. Well, if these beats don’t bring on a cheery whistle, hum, finger snaps or a round of hand claps at the very least. My query is… do you even have a pulse?