New York-based synth-pop artist Souvenir has recently released “Archetype,” marking his first single of the year. Moreover, fans of Bentley Robles will find this track particularly enjoyable. This is notably because it was produced by FLORIO (Dominic Florio), who also works with Bentley. In fact, I came across Souvenir through Bentley last year with “A Soft Place To Land.” And I furthermore, believe Souvenir is making significant strides in the realm of electro-pop that the readers of EQ Music Blog will similarly enjoy.

Souvenir, the artistic pseudonym of the talented Michael Fenuccio, showcases a delightful and heartfelt quality in his approach to songwriting. His ability to authentically capture the nuances of modern queer experiences in his lyrics makes his music deeply resonant with a wide audience. Furthermore, he skillfully complements these narratives with his captivating and melodious pop vocals, creating an immersive and engaging musical experience.

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In his latest track, “Archetype,” he adeptly showcases his musical artistry with a compelling vocal delivery. And that furthermore, exudes an infectious blend of anthemic, personable pop. The song’s narrative delves into the emotional complexity of feeling left behind as your peers settle into relationships. While you remain on the quest for the perfect match. The track’s shimmering musicality and poignant lyrics create a vivid portrayal of the universal experience of longing for companionship amidst the backdrop of vibrant, contemporary soundscapes.

When we place a specific type of person on a pedestal, we create an ideal that may be difficult for anyone to live up to. On the other hand, there’s always that individual who we feel destined to be with. The challenge lies in knowing when it’s the right time to settle for someone and when to continue the search for the perfect match. This is what Souvenir is attempting to figure out in this song.

As one of the latest rising stars in US pop. The track “Archetype” sees Souvenir ready to take things to the next level. 

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