Ellie Goulding

By Mandy Rogers

In the past Ellie Goulding’s tracks have been prime subjects
of heated remix action, and played a key part in bringing the once unknown, to
the greater attention of the music sphere and definitely assisted in evolving
the ethereally amazing pop chanteuse the into the now global star, she is

As Ellie prepares to unleash the sophomore album “Halcyon
in the coming weeks, lead-in track and first release “Anything Could Happen” is
a sparkling and shimmery tuneworthy festival of synths and otherworldly vocals
just ripe for dreamy remix love.

At the express request from Ellie herself, the track has
received a gloriously glittery and floaty makeover from L.A. pop artist Blood

The track glows with sparkles of light, flowing seamlessly
into a lushious airy ether of breezy sonic sound that marries suitably well to
Ellie’s cherubic vocals.

If you love, all things twinkly and sparkly and dainty and
pretty, then this cut should definitely be on your want list, along with the
album of course!

Should you particularly love the Blood Diamonds sound as a
whole, you can get a live fix of it as he brings his amazingness to tour the UK
& Europe through November (details via Blood Diamonds Facebook Page)