It’s always a good thing when bands reinvent, diversify and experiment with new instrumentation – it adds a new dimension to their music and expands creativity of course.

In the case of Goldfrapp it wouldn’t be wrong to say they’ve been out there and out on an alternative-pop limb during their last album campaign for “Tales Of Us” which meant we came off of the wheels that steered our fascination with them for a bit.

Announcing their upcoming album “Silver Eye” today, brings with it the customary lead track “Anymore”. Where it’s pleasing to find Alison and Will are back to cooking up electronic pop, brandishing their formidable gifts of impeccable production and dreamy vocalism. In some ways “Anymore” feels like a song we should have been given a few albums ago, that it has arrived at this juncture in Goldfrapps career adds a certain revitalized quality to the whole new Goldfrapp “Silver Eye” chapter we are entering into.

Moody. Dark. Nu-wave and sub-pop. Our levels of excite have just gone up a couple of notches.