I don’t know whether you have noticed, but of late, Eric Saade has been shoving out a number of live sessions up on the YouTube over recent months. These actions signaled to me that we were counting down the arrival of something or other, which has just been revealed as Eric’s spanking new single “Another Week”.

In the beginning, pop was the ace up Saade’s sleeve. These days Eric doesn’t adhere to one road of direction in his music, he sparks off into whatever groove feels right in the moment. Lately this has taken Eric into hip-pop route which skirts around the urban style for the larger part.

With “Another Week” there is another shift towards the urban dance genre, but the track hasn’t lost sight of its pop-hearted intentions entirely. Overall the song is more smooth as opposed to being glossy like in the old days. Nonetheless, given the longevity of Eric’s career in pop, change was always going to be on the cards and this inch by inch gravitations towards electronic coated, urban pop fits just right.