I was happy seeing a new Tesla Boy track pop up online this week. The Russian electronic-pop project of Anton Sevidov was last covered on the blog in 2017 with the track “Avoid“. The track was written during a time when the band travelled to the U.S.A. And were contemplating about, feelings and emotions associated with the past. And, they were absolutely singing in English. They followed up this trend, with the 2018 album “Remedy“.

We were always quite excited by Tesla Boy. Because of being a notable Russian electronic-pop band. They have somehow managed to ride the wave of Covid-19. Put out a Russian speaking album. “Andropov“. And continued with gigs during the pandemic. Now this stand-alone track “Animal” has appeared. Being sung in Russian. It is hard to decipher any of the meaning behind this song. Being that “Animal” could relate to many different things. Obviously, the lyrics are not what piqued my interest in the track, though.

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The groove. The music. The vibey, melody. Heavy use of riffs. Driving bass line. Set alongside Anton’s wafts of charismatic vocal. All pulled me in to listen to this five minutes in length, offering. The piece. Blurs mid-point and becomes quite danceable. I wondered. If it is intended as one track. Because, it does however, sound like an experiment instead. One where two contrasting ideas have been thrust together. Somehow I like it. Am intrigued by it. I might not ever, fully understand anything of deeper appreciation about it. All the same. I cannot stop myself from listening to it.

Barriers were transcended. Words were not needed. It is the musicality of Tesla Boy which has done everything on its own. I know I will not settle until I get to the bottom of the mystery behind this track. So, I am guessing I will be keeping a much closer eye on updates from Tesla Boy going forward.

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