Indie pop heavyweights Simon Curtis and Wolfy unexpectedly joined creative forces back in March to create the unique duo now known as Wrathschild and unleashed their flawless debut single “Fall Into Love” to rave reviews. Since then, it was mostly silence on the artists’ end until this past week.

Wrathschild presents “Angeles“, a bittersweet anthem dedicated to the city of dreams.

On the second single, Curtis and Wolfy beautifully sing of the highs and lows of living in what they sometimes call “the city of broken dreams”. Written about each of their personal experiences in L.A., the artists trade off on the well-written verses while coming together for a soaring chorus which gives the new effort a truly heavenly vibe.

This place and I, we have an affair, it’s beautiful and violent of full of despair,” the duo sings of their bittersweet relationship with one of the country’s more famous music destinations. There is a sense of love, but also loathing, in the new track’s lyrics and the performances from Curtis and Wolfy.

As a follow up effort, “Angeles” is a truly captivating pop moment, bringing something new and fresh to the table. Though the two artists already had commendable solo careers going for them, the pairing seems to be honest, organic and extremely effective.