By Mandy Rogers

Let’s replenish with something quite beautiful, serene and Quigley!

The darling of Eli Smith / Frankmusik co-owned KillPop Records, Quigley blossoms from recent ambient buzz track “Inkblot Game” to a quite breathtaking debut in the release of the “Pleiades EP”.

Entwining mythical reference within the concept of Pleiades (an alignment of stars from Greek mythology referred to as the “Seven Sisters”) Quigley the persona remains at most enigmatic, but for the wholly rapturously delicate but BIG sounding alternative pop sounds she is making and the music-eratti backing from Frankmusik and Blake Lewis

So to the “Pleiades EP”:  6 tracks, comprising 3 songs accompanied by their instrumental counter-parts.

Stirring ballad, “Imitate Love” captures the full gripping power of Quigley’s voice, amidst a bubbling chilled and spliced soundscape of rather Scandic ambience.


as similarly does the simply divine “Inkblot Game


On “Making Plans” icy synth induced atmospherics make way for gentle piano accompaniment and a rousing shift of electro dynamics that become boosted to receive full warmth by Quigley’s endearing yet mighty vocal, culminating in “Making Plans” the crowd swaying, lighter glowing, crowning pop piece of the “Pleiades EP


Quigley’sPleiades EP” is FREE to DOWNLOAD from her website