More so than any other, 2020 has been the year where we don’t know what is coming next. The only thing I feel safe saying is we are becoming accustomed to unpredictable occurrences. A lot of shit has happened during the first six months of the year. We are ready for change, aren’t we? or at least that the remaining half of 2020 treats us somewhat more kindly. What could be more delicately delicious to help with us getting back on track than a shimmery new track from Annie, her first release in five years.

The fondly looked upon Norwegian songstress began teasing, new music was coming last week. On New Music Friday we were served “American Cars,” a star-crossed, synth-pop track doused in cosmic glitter and dreaminess. In addition to this lovely, soothing synth-pop track, Annie also announced her third album “Dark Hearts” will arrive October 16th. The tracklist has also been revealed, we have thirteen tracks headed our way.

Dark Hearts:

01 In Heaven

02 The Streets Where I Belong

03 Dark Hearts

04 Miracle Mile

05 Corridors of Time

06 Forever ’92

07 American Cars

08 Mermaid Dreams

09 Stay Tomorrow

10 The Countdown to the End of the World

11 The Bomb

12 The Untold Story

13 It’s Finally Over

Going on titles alone. I’m keen to hear “Mermaid Dreams” and “The Countdown to the End of the World” the most. Having been made aware, Stefan Storm from Sound Of Arrows has co-written and produced the album. I instinctively know, it will be beautiful inside and out. Full of wonderment and blissfulness. By the dreamy power of, Annie’s softly spoken vocals, and Stefan’s otherworldly, musicianship. I am ready to float skywards up into the fluffy white clouds once again. To the place of endless possibilities and the mysterious unknown.

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