The pop blogesphere has just been serviced with the new Joe Mcelderry single “Ambitons” on Sunday evening and it won’t be surprising at all to see the X Factor winner on all the blogs come Monday morning. I have to say, I am won over by Joe Mcelderry’s version of this song – he sounds a bit like Freddie Mercury meets Fibes Oh Fibes meets Darin.  In other words – pop gold.  All the gay boys, girls who love those gay boys and mummies and grannies will most certainly vote this song number one the minute it’s released that’s for sure, thus giving more power to the X Factor machine.

And you know what – I don’t mind.  I like Joe.  He’s doing what every fat kid turned talent show winner turned Next Models signee should be doing.  Living the dream.  Watch out Joe Mcelderry – I may just want to give your “gay face” a big smackaroo when I meet you.