Stand Up Against Heart Crime
By Mandy Rogers

Were you of the assumption that the majority of music
produced via Spain is Salsa, Latin or Euro strung pop, well here’s a band from
Barcelona to make us sit up and think again.

Catalonia 5 piece
ensemble Stand Up Against Heart Crime have an electro heart at their core for
sure, it’s one that is centred with slight melancholy and a misty aura of
dreaminess surrounding it.

More than just the relaxed tones, Stand Up Against Heart
seal in a jolt of retro new-wave, reflective of post-punk synth
pioneering trendsetters Joy Division / New Order.

The bands minimalist approach produces crystalline
precision, jutting guitar work juxtaposed by the comforting warmth of mellow
electronics. Christened as Krautwave by the band and brought to fruition
through new single “Am I Safe?”. Stand Up Against Heart Crime are standing up
for surging kinetically electro engineered soundscapes and visions, a colourful
insight that is in someway, in keeping with the Catalonian cities contemporary pulse and
it’s rich artily reknowned heritage.