There have been some very, exciting developments happening with Avec Sans lately. The synth-pop band we have blogged about extensively, now namely, have an additional band member on board. Willow Sellers was introduced, as the third member a few weeks ago, during a livestream with Jack and Alice. The original band members disclosed they had a desire to push their music forward for their sophomore album. Bringing multi-instrumentalist Willow into the Avec Sans realm would allow them to make these strides. Progressing the music beyond the comfortable niche created by 2016, debut album “Heartbreak Hi.”

The bold decision made by Jack and Alice has paid off. Avec Sans first release as a trio, “Altitude” is sitting on the edge of your seat thrilling, electronica. Much, much different to the shimmering synth-pop they first became noted for. Jittering, glitchy, swirling dynamics are not words I have applied to the band’s music before. I am stoked at the prospect of using different vocabulary when I write about them going forward and not exhausting the same well used adjectives.

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In their quest for finding inspiration for album number two, Avec Sans went travelling. Taking a trip to Japan. While there, from the 16th floor of their Tokyo hotel they experienced, the shake, rattle and rolling of an earthquake. Consequently, thoughts about the seismic encounter and aftermath have resulted in the frenetic whirring, stylizing of “Altitude.” While the beats rage, the epicentre of the track hosts the breathy calm of Alice’s vocals. The yin and yang really do play out in full-effect. There has been lots of pop made during the lockdown. I was beginning to fear electronic bands were flatlining a bit. Plugging “Altitude” into my ears gave me a jolt. Electronica lives on. More importantly, it is blog favourite Avec Sans who have saved the day.

The band promise new tracks along the way to the launch of their sophomore album “Succession.” The launch is planned for May 2021, with an exclusive launch show on May 21st, at The Grace – London. (Tickets on sale HERE)

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