It is customary at this time of year that we start to reflect on what has happened during the last twelve months. 2020 has been a whole lot different. I would imagine most of us have found ourselves reminiscing about the past a lot more than usual throughout, given that we’ve endured periods of being virtually housebound (since March in the UK.) A sizeable amount of music which has been written during this time has captured the mood, and emotional strain felt with having to adapt our socializing habits. More than ever in peacetime, we’ve experienced separation from friends and loved ones. The self-taught musician and producer JK JAM, hailing from Co. Leitrim, Ireland, taps into these feelings on his latest track “Alone.”

With stylizing which is both evocative and delicate. Using a softer soundscape than the majority of emerging DJ producers. JK fashions electro beats, shaped with atmospheric resonance and flair. As we know, this stripped-back style lends itself well to thoughtful lyricism and narratives. At its core “Alone” focuses on the heightened feelings of loneliness which has affected many of us this year. “I just wanna be with someone. I just wanna be with anyone. Hurting from distance, just from my existence.” Is the poignant message transcending over the catchy piano instrumental steering the melody.

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This is JK JAM’s interpretation of futuristic sound. In essence, what we learn about JK JAM’s music and intimate production style, it is all about capturing an emotion rather than wanting to fill a dance floor. Not so much the kind of music which would have you wanting to dance the night away too. But nevertheless the sort of, chill music you would probably want to end your day with.

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