Monarchy have almost softly announced their new EP “Almost Human”. Yes, it initially happened when the majority of us were sunning ourselves on our holidays.

So now as we are mostly all back to our 9 – 5’s and are hungry again to discover new music to help us through the fall and winter months, whose newly released EP could be better to check out than Monarchy’s.

The synth –pop maestro’s offer up something a tad darker and experimentally different to their previous efforts via this new collection of 6 tracks, but don’t be put off as there is still something to please every taste and it’s still very much brilliant of course!

You’ll possibly find the title track of “Almost Human” and “Take Me Out Your Mind” far more sonically orchestrated than anything that Monarchy have despatched previously, yet they kind of fit within the hot hyped trend of producing deep and woozy beats that has become keenly prevalent throughout the electronic genre for the best part of this year.

A distinct 80’s retro-vibe runs through on “Black Widow” and “All Our Friends”, and it is these tracks, which perhaps circulate and build upon the more signature design of Monarchy’s many previous compositions.

That said, what hits home the most is that it is all still undeniably Monarchy and you won’t need to go much further than the electro-dance popstastic “The Beautiful Ones” to be reminded of this!