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There is nothing so gratifying as being able to pop on a song that totally gives off the right kind of mood to see us through whatever comes about in our daily lives.

Like when choosing to pass-the-time on long journeys and such. Having a drive-time playlist to hand can prove its worth as a boredom buster, but equally can act as fitting ambiance enhancer also.

L.A. music artiste Cary Brothers has spawned a new side project, which is few steps away from his usual indie-rock stylings. He’s entered into synth-pop under the project name SD3 with the help of Brandon Walters, Anne Williamson, Daniel Rhine and Sarab Singh.

Cary’s synth-pop vision takes a retro sized step back into the 1980’s, directly into the time vault served of brat pack movies, the likes of “St. Elmo’s Fire”, “The Breakfast Club” and “Pretty In Pink”. The soundtracks in these movies became just as iconic as the movies themselves. It was a boom-time for movie scores like no other. You can’t fault anyone wanting to emulate the sheer magic of this, least of all Cary through SD3.

Introduction to the band comes with the shimmery cinematic delight that is “All That I Want”. A track decked heavily in analog synths and a distinct air of nostalgia, bringing with it the same kind of optimism that was evident in the dawning of the digital age.

Not only have SD3 tapped into all of that, they’ve also burned some of the L.A. sunshine into the mix. Ensuring it to be a perfectly playlist friendly pal in melodic companionship, when driving down to the coast for your well-earned fix of rest and relaxation.

The mood on “All That I Want” is so perky and uplifting it will definitely leave you feeling all sunny side up, both inside and out.