You better believe it, there is no stopping Betty Who, as the in demand pop sensation is busy right as now duel dropping the EP’s and debut album both sides of the Atlantic!

Alrighty then, so we’re not quite there in terms of availability to the impending debut album release of “Take Me When You Go”, but there is certainly no need to frown seeing as it is that Betty Who has seen to it that the UK Who Crew get some special treatment of our own – a tying us over to the big one drops spanking new EP no less.

Since revealing her retro image makeover on viral hit and firm fan favourite “Somebody Loves You” and following on from the recent successful “Worlds Apart” EP that coincided with Betty’s debut UK’s shows this summer. The irrepressible pop tour de force is issuing the “Convertible Nights” EP which features 4 tracks “All Of You”, “Lovin Start”, “Alone Again” and “Runaways” ahead of a newly announced show at “Birthdays” -London in December.

Of those four tracks “Runaways” also features on Betty’s US Edition of her debut album. Huzzah would you just know it is already online for us to enjoy, along with accompanying “Convertible Nights” EP lead focus track “All Of You

Can we handle all this pop coming at us right now from Betty Who? You totally betcha that we can!