Dear EQ Music Blog readers, recently, I have had some suspicions. I am beginning to think that the producer/DJ community is lining up summer as one we won’t forget. The idea occurred to me after Oliver Heldens and Kylie dropped their collaboration “10 out of 10.” And yet it appears even more of a plausible suggestion now since Laidback Luke is following hot on the heels of that release, teaming up with Sugababe Mutya Buena on the track “All I Own“.

I am familiar with hearing about the most talked about singers in the pop charts and newcomer artists hopping on high-profile dance tracks to raise their profile. Therefore it is doubly cool to hear about two legendary pop queens lending their vocals to dance tracks, particularly when considering these arrived one after the other. Since it just doesn’t occur, except in the case of remixes.

About “All I Own“, let’s be under no assumptions. It is a massive electro-house track exhibiting a white-isle sensibility. A dance track where Laidback Luke masterfully conjures up images of beaches with pristine golden sands and azure blue seas. Also, neon-lit bars and festival crowds. However, Mutya’s soulful vocal is so unmistakable that I feel the pop world will also pick up on this track, especially when the Sugababes reunion is in full-throttle mode.

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The pace of summer bangers arriving earlier this year is a timely reminder that festival season is about to return to full force. After the grey and miserable weather of the last few months, the prospect of summer sunshine teamed with being outdoors experiencing the uplifting feeling of euphoria surging through a crowd of festival-goers is an endorphin-raising idea just thinking about it alone.

Oliver Heldens and Kylie, Laidback Luke & Mutya Buena led the way with their collaborations. They instil in us the power of dance, and dance music is more important now than ever. Particularly when bearing in mind the world is still pretty dreary, post-pandemic, unfortunately.

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