After the release of “afraid to die” Nashville singer-songwriter Jacob Whitesides will be putting out one song a month for the entire year. I suspect many other music artists will similarly follow suit. I can just imagine how creative singer, songwriters and musicians have gotten during the lockdowns and the pandemic. Peering into my inbox this week, I have got a taster of just how busy music creatives have been. (Lots.)

A short while ago, Jacob sent in his lovely emotive track “afraid to die” to me. How could I not give it a listen immediately? When the troubled song title, alone, suggested the track warranted urgent attention because of tackling a sensitive topic like mental health. I must admit, sometimes when a lot of these kinds of tracks come in, listening to them, leaves me with unduly feelings of melancholy. As being someone who always looks for the positive in everything. Heavy feelings like those shared in “afraid to die” do leave a mark.

Jacob did something quite brilliant and masterful. Because of his already esteemed songwriting talent, he started the track off on a semi-positive note.

“I don’t think that I wanna die. I think I’m just scared to be alive.” “In, that moment I realise, I’m terrified.”

The singer/songwriter tells his story of battling thoughts of suicide while simultaneously being afraid to die.

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Noted for his earnest lyricism, Jacob really came through with this deeply heartfelt track. But that’s not quite all. When we feel like we know where the song is going, it turns out the soft and soothing sonic soundscape hits a dark bump in the road. The tracks ominous ending indicating, he has a lot more to share on the subject. With a glut of new music promised you might want to stay tuned to Jacob Whitesides to find out exactly what that might be. The authentic lyrical allure of “afraid to die” has got me gripped.

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