He has the wiggliest hips in all of Puerto Rico…probably!

We are talking about none other than the Latin heartthrob himself Ricky Martin, of course, who has a new album in the bag and almost ready drop.

Multi-lingual singer Ricky is heading up the promotional campaign beginning with the first single drop of “Adiós”, yes we’re aware like everybody would know the meaning translates to goodbye, it’s O.K. he’s not going anywhere by the way, Ricky is simply using it here in the sense of reference of starting anew. A new chapter and new album to highlight who Ricky Martin is today.

From the overview of “Adiós” the impression is that Ricky is still “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and he’s doing it in every sense of Latin inspiration in-keeping with his homelands cultural rhythms.

I’m not entirely knowing just how extensively globally receptive “Adiós” might find itself in truth, coming at the end of summer and all, but one thinks it might find itself best winning some airplay on the new season of Strictly Come Dancing when the competitors take to the floor in attempting some Salsa moves. Of course, we wouldn’t be minding everso much if the man himself stopped-over for a visit and performed it live, so we might just ogle Mr Martin on our tellyboxes of a possibly wintry Saturday evening.