Last weekend I took some time out to fully digest “How To Let Go,” the latest album from Sigrid. Often labelled the tricky second album by artists, it is a claim that does not apply to Sigrid’s sophomore offering. The Nordic pop queen is every inch a queen on this grandiose, pop masterpiece. Seeing as she gave us an incredible clutch of lead-in singles. (“Mirror“, “Burning Bridges“, “It Gets Dark” and “Bad Life“). Truthfully, I didn’t expect this long-player to be anything less than brilliant. More than anything, it is such a joy to know she can tour it directly after the release. (A run of intimate gigs kicked off in London last night.)

Although there are slivers of rockier moments in “How To Let Go,” it is a pop record in essence. One where the array of single choices is vast. I feel like Sigrid hasn’t come to her conclusion yet, perhaps there are another couple of tracks in the pipeline. And we haven’t had a slow song or a ballad from her yet, have we? So there’s that. Upon release of the album, the focus has switched to another immense synth-drenched smash, “A Driver Saved My Night“. It is inspired by the kindness of strangers and that moment when all you need is a taxi home; You’re never alone when you listen to music,” says Sigrid.

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I, for one, am stoked the track was selected for some extra love. I really like how it does not replicate anything else in the current pop charts. Has a coolness of its own instead. The concept of “How To Let Go” is a glimpse at Sigrid’s life through a lens. The album is a place of reflection and learning, personal growth and overcoming adversities. Searingly honest lyrics and a powerhouse vocal that never wavers.

I was hoping for a video for the track. Although, I am immeasurably content to take the live Vevo Studio Performance clip as an alternative. By proxy, the footage suggests the intimate shows will stack up as special.

If you have not already done so, bask in the glory of “How To Let Go,” (HERE). Sigrid does not disappoint ever. She just gets better and better.

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