simon adams
Currently located in South Korea, British singer-songwriter Simon Adams gives an impressive modern take on the alternative pop/rock genre with powerful, emotional ballads, including the touching “A Beautiful Way“, off his recently released self-titled, four-track extended play.

With distinct comparisons to the work of alternative rock crooners Mat Kearney, Coldplay and John Mayer, Adams vocals on “A Beautiful Way” are rich and effective. Written on his motorbike during a ride in the hills of Indonesia when his now-wife first said yes to a date, the slow, tranquil jam is a loving expression of joy and happiness. “Never to be undone, never to be split from, never to walk alone, never to needless own,” Adams belts on the chorus.

Adams focuses on the storytelling songwriting and his commanding vocals for “A Beautiful Way“, ignoring the current need for a thumping bass or provocative music video to receive radio attention. The song is a simplistic approach to remind listener’s to enjoy their beautiful life. The guitar-driven ballad is an effective start for the talented musician.

As with the rest of his EP track list, including the slightly more upbeat “Our Man” and his own call for greatness in “Point and Shoot“, Adams certainly knows how to engage listeners with just his words. Have to thank the artist for giving a tune which acts as a stress-reliever and a sign that real musicianship still exists.