Vince Clarke and The Good Natured

By Mandy Rogers

The Good Natured has been teasing and hinting on their social networks of an impending high-profiled collaborated effort for a few days, well first up the talented trio sneakily put out a monster clue as to their guesting team-mate not so long ago when they took to the airwaves on a slot of Mark Jones Radio 6 programming as part of his electronic series with Ultravox frontman Midge Ure to unveil a mix of songs and bands that are inspirational to The Good Natured and Vince

Well, the mix does include some largely well known characters from the electronic field, most prominently Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode who do leap out, but amongst the lesser known sounds and faces snuck in there, one might not have so readily grabbed onto the fact that following after the Depeche Mode classic “Just Can’t Get Enough” was a surprise, a new collaboration from the electronic pop legend himself Vince Clarke and The Good Natured, entitled “Ghost Train”.

More power to the internet! This amazing new track, was created through skyping sessions after The Good Natured’s Sarah McIntosh reached out across the webisphere to Vince

“Ghost Train” harbours that gothic edge that is signature to The Good Natured, but it also brings to the fore the identifiable keys and production work that is attributable from the Depeche Mode, Erasure and Yazoo electronic legend that is Vince Clarke.

Pulsating and with an air of sinister about it “Ghost Train” and it’s stellar collaborative team behind it, bring a mix of electronic excellence, of feist and of wickedly pleasurable dark undertones.

Highly recommended that you download this for FREE!