Since I spotlighted Milahroy in an emerging artist feature on the blog with their track “What If?” in April, they subsequently took to the road on their Milahroy My Oh Mini Tour that has since wrapped up. However, what has emerged from this tour is new music, namely, the recent release of pop-rock leaning track “2 Damn Gr8ful,” which has been well received at the latest gigs.

Given that the track “What If?” remains Milahroy’s most vulnerable offering from their growing repertoire. The return to the familiar pop-rock aesthetic of previous releases is not unexpected. Even so, “2 Damn Gr8ful” vibes moreover, with a noticeable power-pop allure. And with the addition of Milahroy’s deeply soul-stirring voice that somewhat resembles The Killers. This secures the song, written about finding love in all of the little things, crossovers into the pop lane.

In the song, Milahroy emotes about bones in the closet and the burden of personal baggage. Breaking through bad habits and learning to love themselves more.

“Oh I’m glad I learned to trust myself, play the cards that I’ve been dealt. Brand new lens I’m seeing through, affter I gave myself to gratitude. Oh I’m so grateful”. (song lyrics).

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The power anthem potential the track has is abundantly clear, moreover, it is a track that begs for an audience outside of a small club setting. It is a festival crowd-pleaser that exudes a rock-star attitude with captivating lyrical storytelling in equal measure. As a matter of fact, When the guitar-strewn chorus amps up, I can literally visualise a crowd of bobbing heads and raised hands punching the air in joint affirmation of the lyrical message “2 Damn Gr8ful” imparts. Notably above all, this is a narrative, sharing an introspective journey that sheds light on the inner conflicts everyone faces from time to time.

Milahroy’s intention for 2024 is to release more material and play more shows. In truth, they are already off to a promising start with tracks “What If?” and “2 Damn Gr8ful.” The sound is fresh, the energy infectious. Milahroy has all the potential to catch on-quick. I’m on board with this talented singer-songwriter. The question is… will you join in with the party?

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