It had to happen. I am referring to our favourite Russian electro-pop heartthrob Sergey Lazarev releasing a new track “Ароматом” coinciding with the hype-building of this years Eurovision. As we are aware Sergey has participated twice in the competition in 2016 and 2019 respectively. He has given the process a raincheck this year because, well, he’s been super busy taking part in other projects. Like claiming the winners crown in “Dancing With The Stars” (Russia) and participating as part of the judging panel of the reality music TV show “Come On, All Together.” (The Russian version of “All Together Now” the UK singing/talent competition which brought Michael Rice to our screens).

The last time Sergey released a track sung in English was at Eurovision 2019, with the entry “Scream” and promptly followed this up with his Russian albums “Ya Ne Boyus” (“I’m Not Afraid“) and “Eto ya” (“This Is Me”). The superstar singer seems to be perfectly content singing in only Russian at the moment. Yet has nonetheless dropped a proper belter of an electronic pop track “Ароматом,” which when translated into English means either one of these choices. Aroma, fragrance, scent or smell. I have actually seen the lyrics translated as, smell on the interweb. The biggest belly laugh erupted out of me on seeing the lyrics transcribed as, “I will never confuse your smell”. With no offence meant, it sounds all kinds of wrong. I can see why he chooses to sing it in Russian.

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If Sergey doesn’t launch a new perfume range out of this release. It would definitely be an opportunity missed. Think about it. You stumble out of bed, race to the bathroom for your morning wash and brush up. Reach out for your bottle of Eau de Sergey, splash a few drops onto your peachy skin. You’re smelling like the pheromones of a Russian superstar singer. Sets the day up nicely, doesn’t it? But don’t forget to hit play on “Ароматом” while you do so. It will certainly add greatly to the experience. You’ll exit the bathroom with a heartthrob swagger in your walk. Try this out for yourselves and see if I am right.

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