Maybe it’s not such a surprise that Latvian serial Eurovision try-out Markus Riva should appear with a new single at this time of year when after all he’s participated in Latvia’s selection process Supernova for a substantial number of years, most recently with “Dynamite” in 2016/2017. Markus had this to say about his decision to put himself forward for selection for a record four years in a row, “And now it is official – we are back in SUPERNOVA – because, why not?! I am a fighter! You never know because anything could happen! And because of all my fans and supporters who want to see me and hear me!” (via Facebook). It looks like the song he is making his bid for representing Latvia at the renowned song contest is called “This Time“, which by title alone is a wholly appropriate, choice when all things considered.

An uplifting melody and suitably catchy melody are perfect crowd-rousing elements to the song and, Europe does love to be able to have a bit of a bop at Eurovision (although, not so much over the most recent couple of years where the overall winning entry on the night have been incredibly dull.) Whether the song strikes a chord with you or not, we have to admire Markus’s resilience for not giving up on the dream.

Will it finally be Markus’s time to shine this year, remains to be seen but, he has had a bit of a profile raiser recently on his home turf, he’s the brand new host of X Factor Latvia (he’s like Latvia’s version of Dermot O’Leary.) As a part of the promotion for the Coca-Cola sponsored show, pictures of the singer feature on can’s of the famous soda pop, beverage. Let’s just pause for thought and remember this, Guy Sebastian was an X Factor Australia judge and competed at Eurovision, he finished in 5th place, overall. Maybe, Markus, maybe!

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