There are lots of people who have their own opinions about Kim Petras but let me tell you, the girl isn’t going anywhere other than on a journey while establishing her music career. One thing to know about Ms Kim, if you didn’t already, she’s fanatical about pop and is currently living out her dream which began in her early teenage years of writing, singing and recording her songs. She’s a few well-received tracks to her name now, and her growing fan base definitely has their favourites in “Heart To Break” and “I Don’t Want It At All. ” Although, today she’s pulled out another bop “All the Time” which is likely to be just as loved by her devotee’s.

Kim has said that the goal of her music is to make us have a fun time for a least four minutes, where we can shut out problems for a bit, get into her songs and dance at the same time. This totally sounds like a very good idea if you ask me. She has also been recorded as saying her songs are written about boys, having fun, heartbreak and sex. Well “All the Time” is definitely about the latter, crushing on a boy and bedding him like getting naked and jiggy is on your mind all the time.

Somehow, I quite imagined we’d be getting another pop morsel from Kim pretty soonish, being that she’s joining Troye Sivan on the North American leg of his upcoming “Bloom” tour. “All the Time” is the perfect song to be coming out ahead of this amazing, occasion because the buzzy song has a memorable chorus which sticks in an instant and will have fans singing along by the time it takes Kim to drop in another verse and return to the chorus section for a, second time.

When all said and done her incredibly catchy songs won’t be getting out of your head anytime soon. Kim is every inch the littlest but mightiest emerging pop queen already. If indicative of the single releases, her debut album is shaping up to be one of the most pop-centric, fun records to arrive in a while. Let’s hope she doesn’t keep us waiting on it for too long.

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