Three years ago emerging New York, Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stefan Alexander introduced me to his emotively charged debut track “Skeleton“. At the time, the song was aimed at being a launchpad for his burgeoning music journey. However, frustration was to lay ahead. Shortly, afterwards, the up-and-coming talent became stricken by medical problems. Amounting to a mysterious pain condition which left him unable to sing and continue his journey. Despite, this tumultuous experience, he continued to write during his years of illness and rehabilitation, in the hope that someday the songs would be released. The fruits of these labours are now, realised as the “Thunderclap” EP.

Now, knowing the back story to this body of work by Stefan Alexander makes the EP have a stronger presence than most. These songs, written when battling distress and adversity, resonate with lyrical clarity. The open and honest songwriting style makes for poignant listening. As Stefan finds his way out of the dark times, we too feel a range of emotions, which span through thoughtful questioning, followed by eclipsing rushes of hope and optimism. The EP featuring title track “Thunderclap“, and completed by “Skeleton”, “Medicine” and “Barricade” is as melodically diverse in much the same way, that it is lyrically complex. The collection houses, chilling, haunting, pop as well as upbeat grooves and runs through these dynamics with seamless ease.

There is no doubt about how gripping these tracks are. But, undoubtedly the brightest presence of all comes from Stefan’s emotively rich vocal. There is so much feeling in Stefan’s delivery that it will hit you (as it did myself) within using just a few words. That in turn, we identify with his bittersweet mood and sense the struggle he’s endured to see his dream of releasing these original tracks come into fruition. From start to finish the EP has made me aware, Stefan Alexander is an artist who emanates class and style bound by an irrepressible spirit. I am glad he didn’t give up on the dream because his resilience, courage and bravery have paid off. The “Thunderclap” EP is spellbinding, slick pop brilliance.

Connect with Stefan Alexander
Twitter: @stefanalxndr