Hello, hello, we know these three lovely faces already, don’t we? Although, under a different name. I’m sure you remember the trio was previously known to us as Sykes and as a band, we enjoyed their sparky synth-pop numbers. The name may have changed but, thankfully the direction of the music still includes electronic elements within it. Under their new moniker Plya, the band debut “Thinking Of You” a dreamy and rousing track which is a Say Lou Lou meets Prides hit-in-waiting.

I always liked it best when Sykes treated us to synth pulsing arrangements which showed vocal lead Julia Sykes dreamily shaped Ellie Goulding breathy-cum-purposeful stylised vox to full effect. There is little change in “Thinking Of You“, the dreamy synths and full chorus vocals will take you away on a musical adventure. However, the mood of the lyrics reveals all is not what it seems, the track is about falling for the wrong person and yet, you cannot get thoughts about them out of your head. Julia, Kris and William of the band make the emotional scars of the situation sound so, pretty though, with a shimmering electronic arrangement.

What really, makes an impact on the song is the surreal combination of sweet and dark, indie and synth-pop. It is a shining beacon of infallible, electro-pop, both catchy and buzzworthy, with an intriguing drama-soaked narrative behind it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again there’s something special about this band, and I’m so happy to have them back as Plya.

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