I have said this two times before. If you haven’t checked out Moyka’s music yet, I think you should remedy this situation pretty quick. As I feel Norway’s latest pop sensation is rapidly rising through the ranks and it would be a shame to not follow in what is already proving to be quite an exciting journey. The singer has only been sharing her tracks with us since March this year. Yet, Moyka’s stunning tracks have caused many people to raise a curious eyebrow. Not least, because, electronic-alt-pop songs “Colder” and “Bones” were nothing less than fully formed masterpieces. On “All The Things We Forgot“, the singer’s third release the trend continues on.

One thing which I’ve been quick to observe about Moyka is that she likes to leave her lyrics open to interpretation. The songwriting is clever in that it merely, throws open a suggestion of a theme or topic. In the instance of “All The Things, We Forgot” the singer points out.

“It could mean a lot of things,” she says. “Take me back to when I was more naïve? To when I was a child? There are so many things to make you nostalgic, but everything moves forward, and this song is a stubborn way to refuse to do that.”

I am loving that within the fabric of her music, Moyka shares an underlying haunting vibe. Her elegant vocals are somewhat ethereally, witchy, whereas the music is both dreamy and danceable. This is an otherworldly mix which is totally sincere and endlessly listenable. Delicately considered music. Intelligent noir pop. Addictive beats. A spellbinding style which has opened up a world of endless, possibilities for her. And which I for one am keen to hear more of. These tracks are the setting in motion of a hugely exciting new singer-songwriter. Are you with us, yet?…

This is your last reminder to be ready because Moyka is striking out. She is currently making the final touches on her debut EP “Circles” and plans to unleash this upon the masses very soon. I hedge a bet, the mini-album might well arrive in time as she begins her stint as support for Sigrid’s run of Norwegian tour dates, this autumn.

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