LA-based singer-songwriter Madilyn Bailey has come to prominence after she posted a cover of David Guetta and Sia’s “Titanium” to her YouTube channel. The stripped back interpretation of the song played on the piano now has over 100 million plays and counting. Even, with this major accomplishment behind her, the singer did not hold back from continuing to post up a staggering amount of cover songs online to YouTube over the years, with one of the most recent being a pitch-perfect not to be missed rendition of Dua Lipa’s “New Rules”. Madilyn’s now moving across into her own original material, the songstress first new song of 2018, is “Tetris” the catchy track also marks the first UK release for the singer.

The first thing that strikes you about, the singer is how spellbindingly, her otherworldly vocals drift over the gentle sonic soundscape of the song. It has the unshakable sensation of ending up being stuck in your head for days, owing to its instantly memorable harmonies, and dreamy tones. Madilyn says of the song: “Tetris is a song I wrote about how two completely different people with completely different backgrounds, quirks, passions (AKA “shapes”) can come together to make one beautiful picture. I think at times, we all need to be reminded that in a relationship, it’s not about being perfect but about how we can complement each other, imperfections and all.”

As soon as I heard “Tetris“, I was in bliss with the subtle and understated way in which the song had just, the right combination of thoughtful lyricism, pop sensibilities and irresistible, catchy groove. The songs endearing charm creates an unforgettable three minutes of, sleek musicality. The newcomer who has been whipping up a viral storm, with her stunning cover songs is poised to keep the traction moving in a positive direction with haunting, colourful pop songs like “Tetris” which beg to be listened to again and again.

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