Sister duo Aly and AJ Michalka quit music when they felt that to succeed meant they had to conform to a sound which just wasn’t them. That all happened some ten years ago, but even though the sisters had every intention of getting back to music, the frustrations of how the music industry worked back then hung over them and pushed them away from achieving their ambitions.

Moving forward a decade, artists taking control of their music is more commonplace than ten years ago. The digital age has seen the success of unsigned artists come into their own. It is a good time for Aly and AJ to make a comeback. Happily, the ladies think so too.

The duo behind the iconic synth-pop hit “Potential Breakup Song” is back, making music under their own creative control. In the press release, AJ says of the new tracks “We’re being authentic to ourselves”.

The single “Take Me“, is tapped back into the 80’s and bursting with synth-pop energy. The style of the track maybe a little softer than we are used to although, the feisty attitude we loved Aly and AJ most for, has not been lost they are still exuding it with a personal touch which is convincingly befitting of them.

The excitement continues with news there’s an EP on the way. A decade ago Aly and AJ were to pop what Icona Pop are today. Are Aly and AJ in their comeback about to give Icona Pop a run for their money? We’ll be keeping our ears to the ground for future Aly and AJ tracks to see how it pans out.

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