Every so often Dutch DJ/Producer Don Diablo has come up with a blinder of a track which has earned him a feature on EQ Music Blog. His latest collaboration with Emeli Sandé and Gucci Mane lands him a spot on our publication today, with “Survive” as it rather, splendidly is nothing like what I was expecting it to be. When I first saw the track appear in my inbox, I wasn’t particularly in a hurry to check it out with an urge of priority. At this news, I know there is now bound to be readers of this blog shouting out, but it features BRIT and Ivor Novello award-winning singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé and American rap superstar Gucci Mane. Why would I not be in the least bit curious to give it a spin?

Well, I’ve never been especially keen on rap music. And while Emeli Sandé is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter and renowned recording artist. Again, the overall style of pop hasn’t worked it’s magic spell, perking my ears up. Fate has had its way in the end. That this song should eventually grab my attention and upturn my initial opinion of it before I had even given it the all-important listen. Possibly more so as the releases this last New Music Friday proved to be as in the majority, dull as ditchwater.

Survive” starts off pleasant enough with Emeli’s vocals opening the track. Don comes in with an incredibly mesmerising bassline, and this has me reeled in like an open-mouthed fish joyfully savouring the treat which is being dangled in front of me. I even enjoyed Gucci’s rap breaks, at least my body did, as it spontaneously began to twitch. What makes the track so good for me is the chorus, it’s not the usual shouty or rousing climatic kind of interlude. Emeli sings the section beautifully and pretty, soon it transpires that the track actually began with the chorus. It also didn’t take me long to realise, the song maps its own pattern and is really artful. By the time I’d swiftly come to these conclusions I recognised I’d also become involved in a happy accident which has ended up with me now being a BIG fan of the song. Oh gosh, yes even with enjoying the rap thing n’all.

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